Sunday, April 21, 2013

Llandros' Hybrid Baby Challenge

Links to Rules and Inspiration:

Original 100 Baby Challenge:
Well-Rounded Family Challenge:

Objective: Raise 100 children within set parameters with a single sim in order to achieve a lifetime reward/goal. 

Requirements: Works best with Base Game and all expansion packs (through University) as well as store content items, but can be adapted to fit your needs. 

Goal: Choose a reason to complete the challenge and an incentive for them to be successful 

Settings: Normal Default Settings (90 days) – Seasons, Lunar Cycle and Demographics – Optional, Mods that do not change gameplay/skill items are allowed 

Premise: (Can be unique to each person playing the challenge) A young sim (best with female) has just suffered a tragic accident that cost the life of their spouse (childhood sweetheart) and only child. A successful bargain with the Grim Reaper has given a second chance. The Grim Reaper wants 100 potential souls in exchange for the life of the two you have lost. One sim will be brought back (in ghost form) and the other will be returned upon successful completion of the challenge Will your sim have the stamina to continue knowing that each life created could be taken away prematurely for your selfish wants?

The challenge ends when you successfully resurrect your ghostly sim and raise 100 children to young adult status. 

Rules for the Founder

  • Founder must learn/acquire a method of resetting their age that can only be consumed on their 90th day. This will happen as often as need be in order to meet the challenge rules
  • A jelly bean bush must be acquired and placed in a locked area that can only be accessed when the time is called for. It is a gift from the Grim Reaper.
  • Select the largest residential lot and create your home or use a pre-existing home. Regardless, after placing the jelly bean bush in a locked room, reduce family funds to $0.
  • INDIVIDUAL GOAL/REWARD – establish an ultimate goal/reward for your sim on completion of the challenge. Example: During the course of my challenge, the founder must discover the secret to restore a ghost to human form. This can only be done as the final act of the challenge.
  • All spouses/sims that contribute to the bloodline MUST live in the house until their death, even if divorce occurs. Remarriage is always an option.
  • ALL midlife crisis wishes must be completed either before or after the crisis is over (unless you have 4 locked midlife wishes, you must cancel a wish and complete them)
  • Traveling is allowed but entirely optional.
  • A career is optional and can be a rabbit-hole or profession. You must change careers each time your sim ages back down to Young Again. • Casino items are OFF LIMITS for everyone except the founder on the following days only (1st day in town until 10 pm and every birthday after)
  • You may live in a pre-built home or build your own. You may move as often as you wish. Just set family funds to $0 before starting the game.
  • Cannot get pregnant until the youngest child in the home is within 48 sim hours of aging up to Child status. Twins and triplets are fine.
  • Gifts from friends are acceptable and can be used/sold immediately
  • Must train toddler skills the old-fashioned way (no daycare items to learn skills) – until restricted items are unlocked. (see Rules for Children)
  • Death Flowers are not allowed – you may grow them and sell them, but they cannot be kept in your inventory
  • You must paint a portrait of your child as a toddler, child, teen, and young adult before moving them out. 

Rules for the Spouse

  • Must live in the house if adding to the bloodline.
  • They do not need to be married
  • Can work in any career
  • Once the first child is born, the spouse must eat from the jelly bean plant three times each night before midnight. They get a free pass on Festival Days only.
  • Spouse can never reset age, but can use lifetime reward points (none to extend life) 

Rules for the Children:

  •  Children can NOT be aged up early - only by the system or after the birthday alert 
  • Traits can be random or you may pick. Life time wish can be chosen the same way. 
  • Birthday parties must occur for each child with cake, balloons, and a gift. The cake does not have to be used, but must be purchased.  You can wait for the system to age them up.
  • Premium content can be used once it is unlocked. The baby monitor is unrestricted. 
  •  You can choose any item in any order, but only one item until the next restriction is lifted. Choose among the following items: 
    • Toddler playpen
    • Toddler walker
    • Bathing Station
    • Baby Swing
    • Tree of Prosperity
    • Super Sleeper
    • Gardening Station and Sunflower
    • Multi Tab
    • Not So Routine Machine
    • Brain Enhancing Machine .
  • You may choose one of the above items after you have raised 10 children to YA status. Every 10 children raised will unlock a premium item. 
  •  Failure to meet any of these does not end the challenge – it just means that the child will not count towards the 100 total.


  • Must be potty trained, learn to walk, and learn to talk by the founder (not by themselves until restriction is lifted)
  • Must learn all skills on the xylophone and pegbox
  • Must have all 9 baby books read to them or read independently
  • Must be given the teddy bear for the cuddle time moodlet
  • Must have portrait painted


  • Must learn all skills on the baker’s oven and building block table
  • Must sign up for an after school activity
  • Must get a grade of A in school
  • Must have portrait painted


  • Must sign up for an afterschool activity
  • Must attend at least one dance 
  • Must successfully prank the school at least once
  • Must set 5 booby traps 
  • Must be taught to drive 
  • Must have portrait painted
Upon graduation, each child must pass the Grim Reaper’s test (eat three beans from the jelly bean tree). See the University Exam for exemption possibilities. If they survive, they must move out immediately. Any sim that fails the three jelly bean test (ending in their death) will NOT count towards the final 100. 

Each child that is moved (kicked out) from the family reduces the family funds by $10,000.

Rules for the Game:

  • Prior to lifting the restriction, the Tree of Prosperity, Brain-Enhancing Machine, etc. can be used by any sim ONLY after they consume three jelly beans prior to each use. One (and only one) Tree of Prosperity can be placed and used on a community lot.
  • Free Vacation and Boarding School is not allowed at any time.
  • Imaginary Friends can be used if you wish but never turned human.
  • Pets are fine if your family chooses to get one.
  • Opportunities for the children are optional but encouraged 
  • All names must be alphabetized (4 rotations of the alphabet always omitting one unique random letter each cycle)
  • Household Jobs – Moms and teens must cook all meals (no quick meals) and items must be purchased at the grocery story to prepare the meal. Dads must repair all broken items in the house.
  • University - No one is allowed to attend University although they may take the test. Full scholarships will exempt young adults from eating all three jelly beans. They will eat only one. A partial scholarship drops the requirement to two jelly beans. 
  • Alien babies and plant sims do not count towards the 100 goal and must be raised just as the other children. If a father bears an alien sim, he is exempt from the jelly bean tests until the child moves out.

Special Days
  • Festival Day/Family Day – must be spent together (a babysitter can be called for toddlers/babies. You can attend the festival or any other venue in town that you wish. You could even host a party on a community lot or at home if you choose.
  • Mother’s Day - Mom needs a day where she can take a few hours off to have some “me”time. Hire a babysitter or leave the kids with dad while she gets a facial, sees a movie with a friend, visits the beach or whatever you like. Make this once every spring. 
  • Father’s Day - Dad gets one day each summer for himself. He can choose to do what he likes in his spare time on that day. Use it to see a friend, visit the karaoke bar or whatever you like. All other days he must come straight home from work. Jelly bean test is lifted on this day also.
  • Date Night – one night each season (week) is date night. Hire a babysitter and head out for a night together. Must be considered a ‘date’ by the game.


  1. I'm going to do this challenge in Monte Vista, my favorite town! Spent hours editing the town with all those great builds from the exchange. I'm so excited to start...

  2. I love this! Sounds like much more fun than the typical baby challenges!! Now I need to buy all the expansion packs!

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  4. FINALLY have had my 1st baby! The Avanti family has increased with the addition of baby Alyssa. I was beginning to wonder where all the good men were in Lunar Lakes. A lot of 2-timing, cheating, married/committed males, and my founder's biological clock was gonging! =} Its been challenging and frustrating at times, but a blast throughout - thus far... lol How's everyone else coming? What towns have you selected Groovechic &/or Audrey? How many kids have you thus far, if any? =/

  5. I know this is the baby challenge forum but I decided to try The Seven Deadly Sims Challenge this is going to be fun I'm in Monte Vista and my traits are insane, irresistible, charismatic, Evil, Athletic anyone one else trying this one

  6. I thought about it, but have WAY too many games going atm. Still tempted though... I think I might be in need of medication. lol Good luck with yours!

  7. I love your story-centric redesign of this challenge. I fused your rules with mine and have been playing it with a vampire, since I never really use them and wanted to have a gothic aesthetic. She's out to build her own vampire clan after being shunned from her kind's society. Make no mistake though, she's not a mothering type - while she's out hunting for unsuspecting prey, a simbot takes cares of the children.

    I'm having a ton of fun and I hope you are too! I'm a big fan of your LPs.

    1. I'm gonna do it on legacy island I think.

  8. I'm gonna start this challenge with Gaz2008 and post on the vids on my youtube account

  9. Objective: Raise 100 children within set parameters with a single sim ...